This page features a selection of books on long hitting, golf fitness, stretching and conditioning, strength training, the anatomy of various exercises, and the science of the golf swing.

Anatomy, Stretching & Training for Golfers
A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your golf workout, with training tips, exercises, injury remedies, and sample workouts that show you how to devise your own unique training program.


Elements of the Golf Swing: Understanding Club Kinetics
Explains the basic physics of the club’s movement in a way that any player or teacher can understand and immediately use.


Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing
Revolutionary biomechanics workout program with the exact workouts used by some of the Tour’s best golfers, as well as input and advice straight from the players themselves.


Golf Anatomy
Takes you inside the body to show how you can improve your performance on the links. 156 full-color anatomical illustrations and 72 effective exercises.


Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score
The ultimate golf fitness key to unlocking more power and quickly adding distance to every club in your bag.


Golf Strength Training
World-class strength and conditioning program designed to make you the best golfer you can possibly be.


Hang The Banner: The Proven Golf Fitness Program Used by the Best Golfers in the World
Two of the most successful strength, conditioning, and biomechanics coaches in PGA Tour history show you how to take your golf fitness to the next level.


In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing: Chasing the Legend of Mike Austin, the Man Who Launched the World’s Longest Drive and Taught Me to Hit Like a Pro
The amazing life story of the man who held the record for the longest drive ever.


Kettlebell Golf Body
Gain 10 yards, lose 10 pounds, and eliminate the Back 9 fade in 60 days or less. Kettlebell exercises for balance, strength, power, and endurance.


Long And Straight Golf: Secrets of a World Long Drive Champion
How Steve Griffith become a World Long Drive Champion at the age of 55 and still hits it over 350 yards in his 70s.


Performance Training for Golf: Fitness Training for the Sport of Golf
Drive the golf ball farther, increase your swing speeds, reduce lower back injuries, play longer, and better.


Science of the Golf Swing
Powerful tools for players and teachers to unlock the full potential in every swing through an understanding of the fundamental physics of the swing.


Strength and Conditioning for Golf
Provides golfers and coaches with evidence and practical suggestions to ensure that the choices they make about their training methods are informed and objective.


Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance
Explains the core underpinning science and gives detailed, step-by-step guides to all key training methodologies, including training for strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and plyometrics.


Strength Training Exercises
More than 400 exercises, including explanations of technique and detailed illustrations of the muscles involved for each.


The 4 Pillars of Long Drives: Secrets of the World’s Most Powerful Hitters
Long drive coach Steve Pratt reveals the secrets of crazy long drives.


The Golf Biomechanics Manual: Whole in One Golf Conditioning
The correct way to train for improved flexibility, strength, and power.



The Long-Drive Bible: How You Can Hit the Ball Longer, Straighter, and More Consistently
World Long Drive Champion Sean Fister’s winning tips and techniques to bring out the beast in your game.


The Science of the Golf Swing
The first golf book to combine the “science” of the golf swing with guidance on how to “feel” the correct swing.


The Ultimate Golf Fitness Program: A 12-Week Workout Plan for Golfers
A comprehensive 12-week training plan that will help you unleash greater power, distance, clubhead speed, mobility, confidence, longevity, and enjoyment of the game.


Weight Training for Golf: The Ultimate Exercise and Workout Guide for Pro Golfers and Beginners Alike
Improve your swing and strength. Powerful golf weight training program guaranteed to increase your distance.


Weight Training for Golf: The Ultimate Guide
Golf-specific weight-training programs that are guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results.


Weight Training for Women’s Golf: The Ultimate Guide
The most comprehensive and up-to-date women’s golf-specific training guide in the world today.