Swing Speed Training Aids

This page features a selection of swing-speed training aids. Most are of the Overspeed type. A few are designed to train for rotational speed, mobility, correct footwork, and weight shift.

DISCLAIMER: These are links to external sites. To avoid the risk of injury, always observe the safety instructions on all products as directed by the manufacturers.

Ripcoil RP6 Speed Trainer
The Ripcoil RP6 training aid is golf’s first training aid with a whippy, heavyweight shaft and a driver head you can actually hit balls with. This design helps improve four key areas of of the swing: tempo, transition, lag, and timing. Regular use instills the proper swing sequence led by the big muscles to prevent the hands and wrists from dominating. Swinging with Ripcoil can be integrated into a player’s practice routine easily, whether at the driving range, in the backyard, or even indoors. This adaptability ensures that training can take place year-round and regardless of weather conditions.

This is a product line and training system that was invented in 2008 by retired Navy SEAL, Dr. Joe LaCaze, with the aim of allowing people to perform unique exercises, and target muscles in a way that other fitness equipment could not. This is claimed to be very beneficial in sports that involve high-speed rotational movements, such as golf, baseball, softball, and tennis. ROTEXMotion products come as Floor and Handheld models and customers have access to a library of training videos. The products are now being used in over 20 countries on five continents, including by PGA Tour players, coaches, World Long Drive Champions, and all categories of amateur golfers. According to Dr. LaCaze, golfers performing the ROTEXMotion exercises are able to achieve long-lasting gains in range of motion within weeks, as well as being able to target the muscles that power the swing, train against increasing rotational resistance and activating key rotators and stabilizers throughout the body.

Rypstick is a training aid that allows golfers to engage in swing speed training anywhere, anytime. It features a 60-gram counterweight at the top of the shaft and slots for up to three weights at the tip that allow for 8 different weight combinations in all. The weights can be slid out and changed in seconds. Rypstick is equally suitable for training for long-drive competitions or simply for a pre-round warm-up. It can be used indoors at home or at the golf course and comes with a series of instructional videos and a downloadable app featuring drills designed by swing speed specialist and PGA Teacher of the Year, Dr. Luke Benoit. The training itself involves swinging either two-handed or sometimes one-handed, and in either the dominant or non-dominant direction. The swings are made at time intervals directed by the app. There are several variations to the drills, including step-back swings to increase loading into the back foot, and step-forward swings to increase lateral power in the downswing. Rypstick is endorsed by Seb Twaddell, the World Long Drive Champion and World Record Holder, and is currently being used by 100+ Tour Players and 5 of the world’s Top 10 Long Drive Professionals. It comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

 SuperSpeed Golf
The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is the most popular training system designed to help golfers of all abilities increase their swing speed. It consists of three progressively weighted clubs designed to build muscle memory, increase flexibility, and enhance swing speed.
SuperSpeed’s structured training program, consisting of both overspeed and counterweight training, involves swinging the three clubs in specific repetitions and sets on designated training days. Training with SuperSpeed can be done indoors or outdoors, making it suitable for year-round training regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, the compact size of the clubs means they are easy to transport, enabling golfers to bring them to the driving range or even on vacation. The SuperSpeed system is currently being used by 3-time Major Champion Padraig Harrington, LPGA Professional Nanna Koerstz Madsen, and over 700 Tour Professionals around the globe. The speed sticks themselves come in sets for adults, juniors, families, and long-drive enthusiasts and are accompanied by instructional videos and tips to optimize training. The information is updated regularly based on the latest research and feedback from users.

The Power Hip Trainer
This is an aerobic exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation for golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, and martial arts. Dr. Bob Prichard, Director of the Somax Performance Institute, holds a patent for the device. Dr. Prichard has been the subject of articles in The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and many other sports magazines. He is also the author of The Efficient Golfer, a book that shows golfers how to hit the ball longer and straighter without weight-lifting or arduous workouts.

The RMT® Club
This is a golf training aid designed to improve a player’s swing mechanics, power, timing, and rotation in order to create a powerful and consistent golf swing. The club is 21″ long and has a fixed, reinforced handle and internal shifting weight that creates dynamic resistance when swung and provides audible feedback for proper positioning, timing, and coordination. It comes in a range of weights from 2 lb to 8 lb, allowing golfers to train for rehab and condition their body as well as improve swing mechanics, rotational power, strength, shoulder stability, mobility, trunk rotation, and balance. The RMT® Club is endorsed by 2017 World Long Drive Champion Justin James and was named a Golf Digest “Best In Golf” product for 2017-2021. Purchasers have access to a library of free instructional videos and in-depth training guides.

The Twitch Trainer
The Twitch Trainer is a swing speed training device that was invented by Top 5 World-Ranked Professional Long Drive Professional and PGA Tour Strength Coach, Ryan Steenberg. It consists of a golf handle and standard grip, a soft cord “shaft”, and a 20 oz fan that opens up at key points in the swing to provide dynamic resistance. The device is designed to improve the coordination of the golfer’s rotational sequence and to develop the core drivers of distance, which are the fast twitch muscles in the lower body and torso. The Twitch Trainer can be used by any golfer, at any level and is endorsed by Cameron McCormick, Golf Magazine Top-100 teacher and coach to Jordan Spieth, and more than 20 PGA and LPGA Tour players. An 8-week training program is provided on the website.

Vukayo Golf Power Swing Fan
This is a training aid used to improve the player’s golf swing mechanics, tempo, and power generation. It consists of four lightweight blades attached to a handle that is fitted with a training grip. When swung, the fans create resistance, encouraging the player to maintain proper sequencing and rhythm. This helps prevent over-swinging, early release, and other common swing flaws. Additionally, regular use can help golfers develop muscle memory and strengthen the muscles involved in the golf swing. Using swing fans as a training tool can be particularly beneficial for golfers seeking to refine their technique during the off-season or when practice opportunities are limited. By ingraining the feeling of a well-executed swing through consistent use, golfers can carry over these improvements to their actual swings on the course. 

WhyGolf Pressure Plate
This training aid is used to teach golfers the correct weight distribution and weight shift during the swing. The Pressure Plate is built to tip only when the golfer shifts their weight correctly. Thus, as the golfer takes their address position and executes the swing, the pressure plate teaches them the correct feeling of loading their weight into the trail foot on the backswing, and then shifting it back onto the lead foot on the downswing. The direct feedback given by the Pressure Plate helps players and coaches identify swing imbalances that can impact clubhead speed, accuracy, and overall performance. Problems with swaying, sliding, or tilting that might go unnoticed by the naked eye can easily be identified, allowing corrective measures to be taken and leading to longer and more consistent shots.

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